Kevin Klemm Trio

A Denver based group that explores Jazz, Rock, Funk, Gospel, and Pop music. Kevin utilizes a rotating list of players, as well as himself rotating between instruments.

Bossy and the Bootleggers

This Denver-based cover band has it all. From 60’s-today and all different styles, Bossy has something for everyone. This band will get you to your feet at any occasion! Kevin plays drums, and sings backup vocals for this project.

Diamond Empire Band

This collective is made up of hundreds of musicians in Colorado. Mostly a wedding band, this group plays all across the state.

Klemm Duo

A Duo comprised of Kevin on piano and his wife Angela Klemm on vocals. They exhibit many styles of music. This dynamic duo is great for any occasion.


This Jazz Quartet is led by Stacey Riley, available for performances at weddings, private parties, and around town. Kevin is the music director, arranger, plays piano, and sings in this group.

Trading Post Productions

This wedding company does it all! Ceremony music, Cocktail hour music, and providing DJ services for the night all in one package. Kevin plays piano for this company for ceremonies, cocktail hours, and anything else needed.

"Kevin is a gifted and talented musician and a fantastic human being. His talents at the keyboard make conducting him a joy as he works to support the choir and understand what is being requested of him measure by measure. He also plays the drum set like an instrument, not like a metronome. He is very gifted with rhythms and he exhibits the creativity to enhance the music, not distract from it. Beyond his musical talent, Kevin is someone that you enjoy spending time with. He is thoughtful, caring, and has a great sense of humor. He knows when to be professional and when to loosen his tie. He’s willing to express his ideas in a way that makes you want to listen and learn, yet he is teachable and follows when that is what is required. If you get a chance to work with Kevin, be taught by Kevin, or be led by Kevin, you will not be disappointed."

Don Hofer, Music Arts Director, Corona Presbyterian Church


"Kevin is that rare musician who is fluent in both jazz and classical music. If you need someone who can cross multiple genres with ease, Kevin is your man!"

Donna Wickham, Director of Vocal Jazz, University of Denver


"Kevin has grown immensely during his time at Lamont. I helped Kevin with the preparation of his recital and I was thoroughly impressed with his arrangements and performance. He's a very talented musician (pianist, vocalist, drummer) who is very dedicated and serious about his career."

Eric Gunnison, Jazz Piano, University of Denver


"Kevin Klemm is both a strong musician and a true professional. He is a prompt, a direct communicator, an enthusiastic helper, and he takes direction well. Kevin has been a wonderful addition to my group - a truly valuable asset and a stand-up guy."

Stacey Riley, Vocalist and Band Leader, Denver, CO


"I was blessed to serve as Pastor while Kevin was our church's Minister of Music. He was absolutely phenomenal in this role. Kevin's musical acumen, as the kids say, "is off the charts!" From difficult pieces on the classical organ to traditional hymns on the piano to jazzy renditions on the keyboards; he was just masterful. What I personally appreciated was his willingness to take on musical challenges and make them opportunities to stretch our comfort zones. Additionally, his dedication to furthering his craft as a musician in academics was infectious. Students and colleagues literally gravitated to him. It was a blessing to witness first hand the tremendous gift of musical accomplishment through Kevin Klemm."

Rev Dr. Carl P. Wallace


"Kevin Klemm is a wonderful teacher; professional, motivational, thorough, and adaptive.  I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

Anne Marie Wolfe, Owner and Teacher, Geauga Music Center


"Kevin is terrific with vocalists and accompanies with much musical sensitivity. As a combo member, he brings a myriad of creative ideas to the table, but without ego or attachment; he's open and willing to serve an idea not his own. His arrangements are well-crafted, fun, and easy to follow. Kevin is a total professional and a joy to work with!"

Janine Gastineau, Vocalist